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Product Code 250899521800
Size 10 x 12 x 31cm
Materials PP/AS resin
Weight 0.38kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 0Min
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 10 x 12 x 31cm
Package Weight 0.38kg

●Can be placed vertically or horizontally
●Handle on top for easy access
●Wide mouth design for easy cleaning
●Prevents tea stains from sticking (lid and stopper)

AS resin Lid/plug: Polypropylene
Packing: Silicone rubber Heat- resistant temperature (approx.)
Body: 100°C Lid/plug: 110°C Packing: 180°C Cold- resistant temperature (approx.)
Body: -30°C Lid/plug: -20°C Packing: -40°C [Handling Precautions]

This product is a cold water bottle.
Although heat-resistant materials are used for both the lid and body, if hot liquid is put in and the lid is immediately closed, the body may be damaged due to internal pressure.
Do not cover until the contents have cooled to about room temperature.
Do not cool the container rapidly with cold water immediately after adding hot liquid.
Do not lift or move the container after filling it with hot liquid.
After confirming that the lid is horizontal, close it firmly.
It leaks if not tightened properly. ・Do not use as an ice machine.
Do not put alcohol, alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, fermented drinks, acidic or alkaline substances.

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