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Product Code 250894084400
Size W28 x D28 x H12.5cm
Weight 1.5kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W28 x D28 x H12.5cm
Package Weight 1.5kg

●One set of easy-to-use cooking tools
●Pots and frying pans are diamond-coated to prevent sticking
●Pots and frying pans have special detachable handles and can be stacked for convenient storage
●When cooking, washing, and storing , Easy to handle with less strain on your hands.
●Mirror polished finish that looks great even if you put it on the table as it is

[Set contents (1 each)]
①18cm glass lid
②18cm pot
③26cm frying pan ④18cm
temporary storage lid
⑤Detachable handle

[Quality display (pot)]
●Surface processing
Inner surface: Fluororesin coating processing
●Material type
Body: Aluminum alloy
Beams Bottom: Stainless steel (13% chromium)
(Bottom thickness: 2.7mm (beams) ( Including bottom)
●Dimensions: 18cm
●Water-filled capacity: 2.0L

[Quality display (frying pan)]
●Surface treatment : Inner
surface: Fluoropolymer coating
body: Aluminum alloy beam
bottom stainless steel (13% chromium)
( Thickness of the bottom: 2.7mm (including the bottom of the beam)
Dimensions: 26cm

[Quality display (glass lid)]
Product name: tempered glass equipment
●Type of reinforcement: Full-scale physical strengthening
●Type of material
Edge: Silicone rubber (heat-resistant temperature 220℃)
Knob: Phenolic resin (heat- resistant temperature 150℃)
●Dimensions: 18cm

Since it is not glass, do not let it cool down quickly by pouring water (such as water or a wet cloth) on it when it is hot. Avoid sudden temperature changes.
* Do not drop from a high place or give a sudden impact.
*Avoid handling that may cause scratches.
*Please note that if it is damaged, the pieces will become small pieces and scatter violently.

[Quality indication (lid for temporary storage)]
●Raw material resin: Polyethylene (Heat resistant temperature 70℃)

*This product is for temporary storage only. Do not store for a long time while using this product in cooking or pots containing ingredients.
*Please make sure the pan is completely cooled before using. If the pan is hot, it may melt.
※Please do not put near the fire and the place becoming the high temperature.
*Please do not use in the microwave or oven.

[Quality display (dedicated handle)]
Types of materials
Body: Phenolic resin (Heat resistant temperature 150°C)
Lever Upper part of handle: Nylon (Heat resistant temperature 180°C)
Button: ABS resin (Heat resistant temperature 70°C)
Metal part: Stainless steel
Others : Silicone rubber (Heat resistant temperature 220℃)

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