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Bed Pillows Collection

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Hotel Pillows

Hotel Style
- Made with carefully selected materials for a comfortable sleep.

Hotel Style LUXE
- Allelcatcher is a registered trademark of Daiwakabo.
- Anti-Bacterial & Deodorant Finish (Medium Fabric Only).
- 4 major deodorization processing
[acetic acid, isovaleric acid, ammonia, nonenal (aging odor)].

Hotel Style D-Premium
- Fill : 50% down, 50% feather.
- Uomu is a technology that not only reduces the smell of the feather itself, but also processes the feather itself into deodorization feathers and antibacterial feathers.

Back & Side Sleepers

Shoulder, Neck, Back Pillow
- For stiff shoulders and straight necks!
- Reduces strain on the shoulders, neck and back during sleep.

Side Sleeper Pillows

Low Repulsion Side Sleep Promoting Pillow
- Alleviates Pressure for Side Sleepers.
- Ergonomically designed memory foam to relieve pressure on ears and face.
- Triple Layers for Customizable Comfort.
- Removeable foam layers to customize pillow height to your comfort

N Cool Pillows

Chill Pillow N-Cool