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Product Code 250898816700
Size W74 x D40.1 x H39.6cm
Weight 1.86kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 10mins
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W40.5 x D7.6 x H46cm
Package Weight 2kg

Under-sink telescopic rack

It can be installed even in places with drainage traps

The width can be adjusted according to the installation location.
You can adjust the height of the shelves to suit the stored items.

Shelf FlatSince the shelves are flat, there is a sense of stability even if you put it across the shelves.

The shelves can be removed!
The shelves can be placed in any position.

Less likely to create extra space
The screws fit into the frame and do not create extra space.

Neat storage under the sink without waste

Combine height and width to make the most of space

*Illustrations and images are for illustrative purposes only. The accessories used are staging items.

● The width and height can be adjusted, and the bottom of the sink can be stored neatly
without waste
● The shelves can be removed
● Drain traps can be avoided
● The height of the shelves can be adjusted according to the stored items

[Set contents]
(2) Frame ×12
(4) Shelf ×8
(1) Telescopic pipe ×10
(46) Female thread ×74

[Customer assembly]
● Estimated assembly (40 person): about 40 minutes
- No tools required

[Size (approx.)]
Width 10 ~ 1 × Depth 5 × Height 46 cm

[Load capacity (approx.)]
Overall: 74 kg
Per stage: 1 kg

Frame, female thread: polystyrene resin shelf: polypropylene
Telescopic pipe: steel (epoxy baking coating)
Pipe tip resin part: ABS resin

● Use indoors.
● Please use with both sides attached to the wall. If you install it without attaching it to the wall, it may cause damage due to sideways.
- The stretch width of the shelf is 1 cm ~ 1 cm. When adjusting the width of the shelf, do not extend it beyond the red line shown on the pipe.
● Please use within the load-bearing range.
● When placing items on the shelf, place them evenly so that the load is not concentrated in one place.
● Do not climb on the shelf, sit on it, or apply sudden force.
● Do not put on items that are easy to fall off, are easily damaged, or protrude from the shelf.
● Do not use near fire.
● Do not place hot items on the shelves.

【About care】
● Squeeze a soft cloth soaked in diluted neutral kitchen detergent tightly to remove dirt, and wipe off the moisture well with a dry cloth.
● Please refrain from using highly volatile liquids such as thinner and benzine. Doing so may cause discoloration or deterioration.
● The resin part may be altered by terpenes or oils contained in the peel of citrus fruits such as lemons. Do not use detergents containing them.
● Do not use scouring brushes or scouring powder. Doing so may cause scratches.
● Inspect the screws regularly and tighten them tightly if they are loose. (Approximately once a month)

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