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Product Code 250898810400
Size W31.5 × D21 × H21.5cm
Materials Steel Silicone
Weight 0.44kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W31.5 × D21 × H21.5cm
Package Weight 0.5kg

Compact frying pans, pots, lids storage wherever you like
● In the empty space next to the sink
● Also in cabinet drawers and under the sink
● Two-layer coat that is resistant to rust and scratch-resistant [Accessories]
● Anti-slip

* Widen the cut and set it on the wire of the product.

Body: Steel (powder coating) Anti-slip: Silicone

[Size (approx.)] When placed freshly: 2.31
×5× Height 21.21cm (including anti-slip)

【Handling Precautions】
●Do not use outdoors.
● Please check the safety of this product before use.
● Please use in a horizontal place. Doing so may cause damage due to falling.
● Do not place near fire. Doing so may cause deformation or fire.
● Do not put hot items on it. Doing so may cause deformation or damage.
● Do not drag when moving after installation. Also, remove the stored items before moving.
● Please do not use the product after taking care such as modification or first aid against damage or rattling.
● If you leave it with dirt etc. attached, it may cause rust. Wipe off dirt from time to time.
● For cleaning, squeeze a soft cloth soaked in diluted neutral kitchen detergent hard to remove dirt, and wipe off the moisture well with a dry cloth.
● Please do not boil. Also, please refrain from using the dishwasher or dish dryer.
● Do not use thinner, benzine, polishing powder, abrasive detergent, scouring (nylon, metal, etc.), melamine sponge, abrasive sponge, etc.
● Please refrain from using chlorine bleach. In addition, please do not use the paint on the outside of the main body as it may cause peeling off with drifting agents other than chlorine.
● The main body can be washed entirely, but please do not immerse it and wash it (leave it in water).

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