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Product Code 250894218100
Size W24 x D14.5 x H9cm
Materials STEEL
Weight 0.9kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W25 x D15 x H10.3cm
Package Weight 1.08kg

*Please note that this video has audio.

Compact deep fryerCompact deep fryer

With a small amount of oil, you can fry quickly and thoroughly. Since it is rectangular, long items such as shrimp and asparagus can also be fried.

Compact deep fryer

You can use the lid as a vat to drain the oil.

Compact deep fryer

All parts can be combined into one place to
store even the smallest of spaces.

Compact deep fryer

The compact size makes it easy to carry!
Also for outdoor use.

*The image is for illustrative purposes only.
● Can be fried firmly even with a small amount of oil
● Compact so it can be fried on a tabletop
● Wide type allows you to fry long foods
● You can use the lid as a vat to drain the oil
● All parts can be stored together
● Stored neatly in a small space

* This is a special pot for fried foods. Do not use for other dishes.

[Set contents]
● Lid * Can be turned over and used as a vat
● Frying net
● Pot

[Quality indication]
● Surface processing (pot only)
Inner surface: Fluoropolymer coating film coating Outer
surface: Baking paint
● Type of material: Pot: Steel (bottom thickness 12mm)
Lid: Stainless steel copper frying net Stainless steel rope
● Full water capacity:
● Appropriate capacity (approx.): 0.5 L
● Dimensions 20×12 cm

[Other specifications]
● Gas fire: Available
● IH: Available

● Oven: Not available
● Microwave oven: Not available
● Dishwasher: Not available

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