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Product Code 250230965000
Size 170 x 197 x 27cm
Weight 59kg
Warranty 10 years
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 10Min
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size 0 x 0 x 0cm
Package Weight 66kg

The use of latex makes it easy to turn over, and the two layers of pocket coils provide firm support for your body.
The ideal sleep This mattress is a hard type mattress from the "N Sleep" series developed by Nitori in pursuit of ideal sleep. The mattress is made of latex for easy turning and two layers of pocket coils for firm support.

The two-layer pocket coil structure provides a natural sleeping comfort that maintains the S-line of the spine.

The coils support the body at a point and fit to the body's line. The coils support the body at the points, conforming to the body's lines and providing excellent pressure dispersion to prevent pressure from being applied to specific areas of the body during sleep.

Both the topper and bottom use firm pocket coils to support the body.
The latex filling (surface) provides moderate resilience, making it easy to turn over in bed.

The elastic knit fabric on the surface is odor-resistant, tick-proof and antibacterial.

Packaged in rolls for easy pickup at your doorstep.
*It may take a few days to regain its original size. Once unpacked, it cannot be recompressed.

This is a queen size.
*This is a single sheet type.

*Thickness: approx. 27 cm (measured at the most inflated point)

[Surface fabric]
● Knit fabric (antibacterial, odor-resistant, tick-proof)

● Pocket coil springs
Upper: wire diameter 1.6 mm (6 rolls)
Lower: wire diameter 1.8 mm (5 rolls) .8mm (5 rolls)
Bottom: 1.6mm wire diameter (6 rolls)
Bottom: 1.8mm wire diameter (5 rolls)
Top: Wadding (5mm), Soft urethane (20mm), Non-woven fabric, Latex (30mm), Soft urethane (10mm)
Back: Non-woven fabric and felt
Bottom: Soft urethane (5mm), Non-woven fabric and felt Back: Non-woven fabric and felt
Bottom: Non-woven fabric and felt

[Number of springs]
1120 upper and 780 lower springs (total 1900 springs)

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