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Product Code 250893738800
Size W20 x D6 x H16cm
Weight 0.01kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W7 x D21 x H5cm
Package Weight 0.15kg

-Gusseted type with plenty of space for storage
-Easy to open and close due to the sliding type
-For storing and managing ingredients and other small items
-Freezer bag for freezing and thawing
-Excellent sealing properties make it convenient for freezing liquid foods such as curry and meat sauces.
-Protects food from freezing and burning due to drying and oxidation.
-The date and contents can be written on the bag, making it convenient for managing frozen foods.
-The entire bag can be defrosted in a microwave oven.

Number of sheets
18 sheets per bag

Cold temperature resistance

Heat Resistance Temperature
-70°C (-80°C)

Dimensions (approx.)
Width 20 cm x Height 16 cm x Town 6 cm

Precautions for handling

-This product is intended for general household food storage.
-This product is intended for general household food storage. Please do not use it for commercial purposes.
-When defrosting in a microwave oven, open part of the zipper to defrost. Do not use for heating.
-Please keep away from gas stoves, ovens, toaster ovens, and other sources of heat.

-The bags may stick together and become unusable.
-When storing liquid items, do not fill to less than the eighth fill level.
-When storing liquid items, do not place the bag on its side or defrost it. Please use a saucer or something similar.
-When putting in hot food, allow it to cool down sufficiently before putting it in.
-Foods with high oil content, such as curry and stew, may exceed the heat-resistant temperature and cause the bag to tear. When defrosting, please transfer to another container.
-If the zipper is closed with too much food in the bag, there is a risk of tearing the bag.
-Do not carry the bag with liquid in it.
-Please be aware that the color of the printed portion may migrate to other items or discolor due to friction during use, prolonged contact, oil, moisture, or deterioration over time.

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