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Product Code 250898818800
Size W22.5 x D57 x H16.4cm
Weight 2.1kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W57.5 x D23.5 x H17cm
Package Weight 2.69kg


Telescopic stainless steel drainer that can be passed to the sink

It can be stretched and retracted for neat storage.

From the slim space-saving mode to the large-capacity mode, it can be stretched and retracted for neat storage.
You can adjust the size according to the amount!

Space that can be installed

● Rust-resistant stainless steel drainer
● From slim space-saving mode to large-capacity mode that can be filled with plenty of space, it can be stretched and stored neatly

● The size can be adjusted according to the amount of washing

● Water is automatically drained in the sink [Set contents]
● Basket
● Tray

[space that can be installed]
● Sink depth: 55 cm or less ● Cooktop depth: 58 cm or

[Size (approx.)] Width
22.5 (including tray) ~ 36 ×Depth 57 × Height 16.4 cm

[Material] Body / Tray: Stainless steel body Leg cap: Silicone rubber

[About stainless steel

● Stainless steel has the property of being less likely to rust than iron, but rust may occur depending on the conditions of use and the environment in which it is used.
● Spotted rust may occur on the surface, but this is "rust" due to the adhesion of salt and harmful gases contained in the atmosphere. If rust occurs, soak a neutral detergent or cleanser in a soft cloth, wring it out tightly, wipe it off, lightly splash it with water, and wipe it off well with a dry cloth so that no detergent remains.

【Handling precautions】
● Be sure to use on a flat surface. Do not install in an unstable location.
● Use it so that the load is not biased. Doing so may cause falling, deformation, or damage.
● Depending on the shape and size of the plate, it may not stand.
● Do not put dangerous items such as knives on it.
● Do not put pots and pans with contents on it.
● Do not leave pots and pans hot.
● Do not install in places with high temperatures, near stovetops, or fire.
● When using, be careful not to injure metal joints or the edges of the tray.
● Do not move the main unit with objects on it. In addition, do not drag it to move it, as it may damage the installation surface.
● If you apply a sudden force or shock, it may be deformed or damaged.
● Do not leave the tray with water accumulating. Doing so may cause water stains or rust (corrosion).
● Do not use if it is deformed or damaged. Doing so may result in a fall or injury.

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