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Product Code 250898812300
Size W30.4 x D38.8 x H14.6cm
Weight 1.2kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W30.4 x D38.8 x H14.6cm
Package Weight 1.2kg

●The direction of drainage can be changed
●Can be placed vertically or horizontally, and fits anywhere
●W coat that is rust-resistant and scratch-resistant
●Wire shape that allows plates to stand
●Ag+ antibacterial and silver ion blended
*Resin parts only

[Size (approx.)]
30.4 (31.2) x 38.8 (40.1) x 14.6 cm
in height

Body: Steel (powder coating)
Tray, Drainage port, Chopstick rest: Polypropylene
rubber Legs: Vinyl chloride resin

[Heat resistant temperature]
Tray, Drainage port, Chopstick rest: 110°C
Rubber legs: 60°C

[Other specifications]
● Dishwasher: Cannot be used

[About antibacterial treatment]
●Antibacterial treatment is applied to the tray, chopstick holder, and drain port to suppress the growth of bacteria.
●If the surface is dirty, the antibacterial effect will not be exhibited. Please keep it clean. Also, when not in use, keep it dry.

●The main body (steel) is coated with resin, but if the coating comes off due to scratches, it may cause rust. If it gets dirty, dilute a neutral detergent, soak it in a soft cloth, wring it out, and wipe off the dirt carefully, then wipe it off thoroughly so that no detergent remains.
●Do not boil.
●Do not use thinner, benzine, polishing powder, detergents containing abrasives, scrubbing brushes (nylon, metal, etc.), melamine sponges, sponges containing abrasives, etc.
●Do not use chlorine bleach. In addition, the paint on the main unit can be peeled off with bleach other than chlorine, so please do not use it for cleaning.
●Do not soak and wash (leave in water).

[Handling Precautions]
●Depending on the shape of the plate, it may not be possible to store it properly in the plate stand. Please note that if you use it forcibly, it may fall and be damaged.
●Do not put dangerous objects such as knives on the product.
●When storing chopsticks in the chopstick stand, do not put cutlery such as kitchen knives upright.
●Do not place pots, pans, etc. containing contents on the product.
●Do not leave pots and pans hot.
● Do not install in a place with high temperature, near a stove or fire.

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