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Product Code 250896229300
Size W18 x D18 x H6.4cm
Materials PET/ABS
Weight 0.17kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W18 x D18 x H6.4cm
Package Weight 0.12kg

● Water-repellent processing
● Light
● Hard to break
● Good overlap
* Due to the wood-like finish, the shade varies depending on the product.

【Product name】
Synthetic lacquerware

PET/ABS resin

【Type of surface treatment】
Urethane coating

[Heat resistant temperature]

[Other specifications]
● Microwave oven: Available
● Dishwasher: Available
● Oven: Not available
● Grill: Not
● Open flame: Not available
● Boiling: Not

[About care]
● When washing, use a soft sponge and a weak alkaline or neutral detergent.
● Stainless steel scouring and scouring powder cannot be used.
● Detergents containing abrasives and bleach cannot be used.

【Handling precautions】
● If you use a metal fork, etc., the surface may be scratched.
● In the case of paint film damage or peeling, the water-repellent effect will be lost.
● This product is painted with paint (urethane) that conforms to the standards of the Food Sanitation Law, but in rare cases, the smell of paint (urethane) may be worrisome. In that case, soak the product in hot water at 70~80°C and take it out when it cools. If you repeat it twice, the smell will fade.

【Precautions for using a microwave oven】
● Do not heat dry
● Do not heat for more than 2 minutes
● If the amount of food is small or when cooking food with a low amount of water, please shorten the heating time.
● If the paint peels off, cracks, chips, etc., discontinue use.
● Avoid cooking foods with a high oil and sugar content. The temperature may increase and the food may burn.
● It may be colored depending on the food, but there is no problem in use.
● Remove the seal before use.

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