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Product Code 250620191200
Color White
Size W 43 x D 31 x H 64cm
Material Synthetic Resin Decorative Fiberboard
(Vinyl Chloride Resin)
Weight about 7kg
Warranty 1 Year
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time Half an Hour
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W 65 x D 34 x H 11cm
Package Weight 7.5kg

A wagon with a cup holder. Make your desk work comfortable by placing drinks and snacks you don't want to spill on your desk.
With retractable and rotating cup holder. The rotating holder can be used even when the wagon is placed under the desk.

*The size is the same as a car drink holder.
The top plate is easy to wipe off even if you spill it, so you can use it cleanly.
It can be coordinated in combination with optional gaming furniture and work desks.

- 2 casters with stoppers.
・By changing the height of the central shelf board, it is possible to store inside boxes, A4 file boxes, and half-in boxes.

*In the case of the image image, the accessories used are production products.

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