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Product Code 250754431300
Size Width 190 x Depth 210cm
Materials Polyester
Weight 1.35kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size Width 192 x Depth 212cm
Package Weight 2kg

Can be used all year round ! A thin comforter that is convenient to have

In the summer, use one piece to prevent the air conditioner from getting cold. When it gets cold, you can add it to your futon and use it all season.

Soft and smooth touch with peach skin processing

Peach skin processing is a fabric that has been lightly brushed to give it a soft and smooth texture.

Washable at home for easy care

Even if you sweat while sleeping in the summer, you can wash it in the washing machine immediately, so it is very hygienic! You can use clean futon every day. Recommended for families with small children who are prone to night sweats.

Double size

(Warmness level: 2)

●You can wear it all by itself during the hot season, and add it to your own futon during the cold season for all seasons.
●Peach skin processing: The fabric has been lightly brushed to give it a soft and smooth texture.
●Machine washable

side fabric: 100% polyester
Middle fabric: non-woven polypropylene 100%
Filling: 100% polyester
Filling weight (Approx.): 0.8 kg
Product weight (Approx.): 1.35 kg

Washing machine OK (using net)

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