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Product Code 250114602500
Size W60 x D50 x H38cm
Materials FABRIC
Weight 10kg
Warranty 1 year
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W65 x D55 x H40cm
Package Weight 12kg

For the sub of the living sofa, bedroom and children's room, the stool without a backrest and does not feel oppressive can be easily placed in the required position regardless of the room.

Pocket coil that supports the body at points and distributes the withstand pressure. You can maintain a natural and comfortable posture.
It uses a 5.5-roll long coil, so it feels as comfortable as a bed even when lying down.

The seat height is set at 38 cm, which is a height that can be comfortably relaxed at a standard height of Japan people*.
Please sit down and feel the comfort.

* Male 169.2 cm Female 156.4 cm According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the yarn with shades is woven with a texture like denim fabric.
It is a soft and wrinkle-resistant fabric.

This is a stool.
【Detailed size (approx.)】
■Seat height: 38cm

(warm and suitable for coordination)

How to care
(Vacuum up dirt and dirt or use a soft brush.)
For persistent stains, gently wring out a cloth soaked in a solution diluted with neutral detergent and remove the dirt as if hitting.
After that, wipe it well with a cloth wrung out of water so that no detergent remains.

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