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Product Code 250898099300
Size W24 x D4 x H5.3cm
Materials ABS,PET/PC
Weight 0.09kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W6.6 x D4.4 x H27.7cm
Package Weight 0.13kg

● Adsorption sheet that can be installed perfectly anywhere
● Firmly fixed with strong adsorption and can

be changed freely
● Easy-to-use bar type

● Perfect size for face towels
● Repeatedly attached and peeled off
● Does not
damage the wall surface
● No peeling marks left

[Size (approx.)]
Width 240 × Depth 40× Height 53 mm

[Load capacity (approx.)]
1.0 kg

[Where it can be attached]
● Smooth surface without irregularities
Material that does not allow air or water to pass through: Plastic surface, metal painted surface such as refrigerator and washing machine, artificial marble, artificial marble, decorative plywood (may not be able to be installed depending on the material), glass, stainless steel

[Places that cannot be installed]
● Places near fire or at high temperatures
● Curved surfaces
● Uneven and rough surfaces
● Places where the surface peels off easily
● Materials
that allow air and water to pass through
● Places
that are not vertical
● Movable surfaces such as doors, Cloth walls, wallpaper, wooden walls, earthen walls, plaster, mortar, natural marble, painted walls, painted plywood, thin glass, surfaces with surface treatment such as fluorine coating and fluorine coating (stain repellent processing), places with high temperatures, such as around gas stoves

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