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Product Code 250858610800
Size 11.5 x 15 x 7.8cm
Materials Polypropylene/acrylic rubber processing
Weight 0.02kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 10 x 6 x 28cm
Package Weight 0.5kg

Clean the entire bathroom with just a brush!

● Rubber coating improves detergency!
● Removes stubborn stains with just water
● The triangular head makes it easy to wash the corners of the bathroom

[features of rubber coating]
・ With friction and adsorption power, dirt can be removed without scrubbing
・ Bathroom floors, bathtubs, etc. without detergent Bath chairs, shower hoses, etc., can be cleaned with this one.
・You can clean materials such as resin, stainless steel, and ceramics without worrying about materials.

[Brush features]
・The triangular head and flared shape make it easy to wash the corners and edges of the bathroom.
・The bristles Uses split bristles to scrape out dirt and remove dirt . Ideal for washing uneven floors and tile joints in unit baths

Pattern: Polypropylene
Hair : Polypropylene
(acrylic rubber processing)

■Heat resistant temperature (approximately): 90°C
Please do not place.

・Do not rub with excessive force. Doing so may cause damage.
・If you are concerned about scratches, test on an inconspicuous area before using.
・Be careful not to hit the hard part of the main unit as it may cause scratches.
・When using detergent, be sure to use a neutral detergent.
・Do not use chlorine-based or oxygen-based detergents, bleach, or detergents containing d-limonene as they may deteriorate this product.

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