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Product Code 250773145500
Color Q1BLUE
Size W45 x D180 x H1cm
Materials PVC
Weight 2kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size
Package Weight 2kg

●Reduces fatigue even when working standing up
●Body pressure dispersion effect reduces the burden on the soles
●Easy to clean with a quick wipe
●Anti- mold Notes
●There is a step on the mat. Be careful not to stumble.
●If this product is left on the floor for a long period of time, or if wax, chemicals, water, etc. adhere to the floor surface, the floor surface will be discolored, or the resin of the product will adhere to the floor surface. Be especially careful when using vinyl chloride or after applying wax to new flooring. Be sure to wipe the floor and dry it completely about twice a week, and dry the mat well before using.
●If the mat or floor gets wet, wipe it off immediately. If left unattended, the mat will become damp, causing problems such as mold and warping of the floor.
●If the floor is wet, it may cause slipping, so please wipe it off when laying the mat.
●Do not step on the mat vigorously. (The mat may slip and tip over. Be specially careful with children.)
●Do not use near a fire or in a place subject to high temperatures.
●This product cannot be washed. If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water or a neutral detergent.
●Due to the characteristics of the material, the surface may be slightly sticky, but there is no problem with the quality.

●There is an odor specific to the material. Please ventilate when purchasing to prevent odors from accumulating. If you are concerned about the smell, dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place for 1-2 days to reduce the smell.
●It is not a performance test number acquired product. Since it is for general household use, please refrain from using it in public facilities that are used by an unspecified number of people.

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