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Product Code 250893739300
Color GRAY
Size W19.1 x D13 x H6.4cm
Weight 0.14kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W19.1 x D13 x H6.4cm
Package Weight 0.17kg

●If you open the steam valve, you can heat and defrost in the microwave with the lid on.
●The steam valve prevents excessive evaporation of moisture, allowing for delicious cooking.
●Can be stacked.
●The body is highly transparent, so you can check the contents even when stacked.
●The body has a handle, making it easy and safe to carry the hot container after heating.
●When not in use, you can stack them together for compact storage.
●Contains Ag+ antibacterial and silver ions.

2 pieces.


【Raw resin】
Body and lid: Polypropylene.

【Heat-resistant temperature/cold-resistant temperature】
Heat-resistant temperature: 140℃
Cold-resistant temperature: -20℃.

【Other specifications】 
●Microwave: Can be used. 
●Oven: Cannot be used. 
●Grill: Cannot be used.
●Gas flame: Cannot be used. 
●Dishwasher: Cannot be used .
●Freezing: Can be used. 
●Boiling: Cannot be used .

【Precautions for use in microwave ovens】
●Check the display and instruction manual of the container and microwave oven before use. 
●When using in a microwave oven, always open the steam valve. 
● When cooking small amounts of food or foods with low moisture content, set the heating time to a shorter time. 
●Do not use when cooking oily foods such as curry, as the temperature may become very high. 
●After heating in the microwave, the container and contents will be very hot, so please be careful not to get burned. 
●Do not heat empty. It may cause deformation or damage. 
●Do not use the auto heating or automatic heating functions. It may cause deformation or damage. 
●Do not overheat in a steam range, etc. It may cause deformation or damage. 
●Depending on the type of food, the container may become discolored . [Handling Precautions] 
●Do not place near fire. 
●This container is primarily for food storage. Do not use for other purposes such as making ice. 
●It is not completely sealed, so there is a risk of liquid leakage. Do not use the container on its side. 
●When storing, allow the contents to cool before closing the lid. 
●Antibacterial agents do not guarantee that the container will not get dirty. After use, remove dirt with a neutral kitchen detergent as soon as possible, wipe off the water and dry.

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