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Product Code 250899658900
Size W21.5 x D9.7 x H8.8cm
Weight 0.35kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W11.7 x D6.3 x H26.9cm
Package Weight 0.42kg

●2-tier type
●4-point lock structure prevents liquid from leaking
●Easy to clean as no need to remove gasket
●2 tiers become 1 for compact storage
●Comes with inner divider
●Comes with automatic suction air valve
●Comes with chopsticks (18.5cm)
●Comes with lunch bag (belt included)
●Stain-resistant finish (excluding chopstick lid)
●Ag+ antibacterial finish (excluding chopsticks and chopstick lid)
●Can be heated in the microwave after removing the lock
●Dishwasher safe

(upper tier: 390mL/lower tier: 480mL)
*If you put rice in the lower tier, it will be about 2.4 bowls (about 200mL)

Upper body, valve body, lower body, partition, lower lid: Polypropylene (heat resistant temperature: 140℃/cold resistant temperature: -20℃)
Upper lid: Polypropylene (heat resistant temperature: 110℃/cold resistant temperature: -20℃)
Chopsticks and chopstick lid: AS resin (heat resistant temperature: 100℃/cold resistant temperature: -30℃)
Gasket and air valve: Silicone rubber (heat resistant temperature: 180℃/cold resistant temperature: -40℃)
Lunch bag: Nylon
Belt (for bag): Polyester, rubber, nylon

[Other specifications]
● Microwave: Can be used
*Remove the lock part (fastener)
● Dishwasher: Can be used
● Direct flame: Cannot be used
● Oven: Grill: Cannot be used

[About antibacterial processing]
● The upper and lower bodies, upper and lower lids, and partitions are treated with an antibacterial coating to suppress the growth of bacteria.
● It is effective against bacteria that come into contact with the surface, but please note that it does not have a freshness-preserving or preservative effect on food.
● If dirt or other substances are attached to the surface, the antibacterial effect will not be exerted. Please keep it clean before use. Also, when not in use, please dry it and store it.

[About cleaning]
●When cleaning, use a diluted solution of neutral detergent and wash with a soft object such as a sponge to clean it.
●If it is very dirty or you want to remove the odor, soak it in hot water with diluted bleach.
●Avoid using scrubbing brushes or cleansers as they may cause scratches.
●When cleaning, be careful not to lose the air valve.
●If the packing is dirty, it may cause leakage. Remove the packing from time to time and wash it with a neutral detergent. It is hygienic and lasts a long time.

[Handling Precautions]
●Be sure to check that the lid and the main body are firmly fixed before use.
●If the stopper part of the lid or the chopstick lid is forcibly bent, folded, or subjected to a strong impact, it may break.
●Be sure to install the removed packing in its original position before use. If the packing is not installed in the correct position or if it loses its waterproofing due to deterioration, the contents may leak.
●Do not use for ice making purposes.
●If placed near fire or other high temperature objects, it may soften or deform.
*This product complies with the Food Sanitation Act.
*This product has a stain-resistant coating on the upper and lower bodies, upper and lower lids, dividers, and chopsticks.

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