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Product Code 250899661800
Size W22 x D14.2 x H6.9cm
Weight 0.21kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W15 x D7.5 x H26cm
Package Weight 0.25kg

● Dome-shaped bento box that is highly praised by those who make, eat, and wash
● Keeps the presentation with a dome-shaped lid
● Can pack rice and tall side dishes without crushing
● Capacity can be adjusted by the amount of serving

● Up to 1000 mL (main body 750 mL + lid 250 mL) can be packed
* Approximate capacity: One bowl is about 200 mL
● Easy to hold with one hand and can be eaten anywhere
● Convenient for
eating in small places such as offices and cars and outdoors
● Rounded corners that can be
washed cleanly to the corners
● Embossing that prevents
rice from sticking- Antibacterial agent is added to all parts except packing to suppress the growth of bacteria

750 mL (maximum ~ 1000 mL)

[Size (approx.)]
22×14.2×6.9 cm

Lid: AS resin (heat resistant to 100°C / cold resistant to -20°C)
Body and lever: polypropylene (heat resistant to 140°C / cold resistant to -20°C)
Partition: polypropylene (heat resistant to 140°C / cold resistant to -20°C)

Packing: Silicone rubber (heat resistant to 140 °C / cold resistant to -20 °C)

[Other specifications]
● Dishwasher: Usable
● Microwave oven: Available
* Only the main body can be removed
with the lid removed
● Direct flame: Not available

● Oven / Grill: Not available

[About antibacterial specifications]
● This product is not intended for sterilization.
● It inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of plastic.
● Silver is a metal that is safe for the human body and is recognized as an additive under the Food Sanitation Law.
* Antibacterial processing part: Lid, body, lever, partition
* Type of antibacterial agent: Inorganic antibacterial agent such as silver

[About care]
● When washing by hand, use a soft sponge or cloth and a neutral detergent for dishes.
● Do not use metal scrubbing brushes or cleansers as they may cause scratches.

【Handling Precautions】
● Do not place near fire.
● Do not sterilize by boiling.
● Do not cook empty.
● Please note that heating foods with a high oil content may exceed the heat-resistant temperature of this product.
● If the amount of food to be warmed or the water content is low, shorten the heating time.
● Be careful not to get burned by heated food or steam.
● Do not place this item near the hot air outlet of the dishwasher or heater. Doing so may cause deformation.
● Patterns may peel off depending on the period of use and frequency of use.
● When adding hot food, be sure to let it cool before closing the lid. The lid may be deformed or difficult to open.
● Do not use in the freezer. Doing so may cause damage or deformation.
● This item is not an airtight container. Do not place it on its side as it may leak contents.
● Depending on the food, the product may be colored or have an odor.

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