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Product Code 250313008300

Size W149 x D40 x H39cm
Materials CERAMIC
Weight 45.3kg
Warranty 5 yearss
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size W152.5 x D43 x H43cm
Package Weight 47kg

*The image uses gray.
A low board with a solid feeling that uses a beautiful ceramic material for the front plate. It is a high-quality design that creates a modern style room.

・There is a storage space through the glass, and you can store game machines, DVD machines, etc. Because it is an open space, messy wiring such as AV equipment can be passed through the back side.
・With 2 drawers, it can be conveniently used around the TV and cleaning up the living room.

・The glass plate in front of the open space does not block the radio waves of the remote control.
・The glass plate is tempered glass and has a safe specification that has undergone a two-door baking process (heat soak).
・Since there is a recess for wiring in the center of the back of the top plate, it can be placed close to the wall.

The drawer is a full slide rail specification. It opens all the way to make it easy to put in and take out, and opens and closes smoothly.

The front plate is a ceramic plate with a solid and high-quality feel.
Ceramic is a type of pottery similar to ceramics, and is resistant to scratches and heat, and is easy to clean.

The texture varies depending on the color.
Gray: Irregular color shading, fine irregularities on the surface, giving it a solid feel.
White/Beige: Marble-like pattern with a glossy, smooth surface.

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