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Product Code 250850323900
Size 40 x 40 X 50cm
Materials Polyester, Polyacetal, Nylon
Weight 0.08kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 0Min
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 40 x 40 x 50cm
Package Weight 0.08kg

-Fine mesh that prevents lint from sticking -Convenient for washing large items and bulk washing

[Size (approx.)]
Diameter 40 x 50cm

Body: Polyester
Zipper: Polyacetal, Nylon

[Guideline for laundry]
-Towel blanket: 1-2 pieces
●Bath towels: 3 sheets
●Trainers: 3 to 4 sheets

*Varies depending on the design and material of the laundry

[How to Use the Net]
●Use 2/3 of the net capacity as a guideline for laundry.
●Can be used while in the net from washing to dehydration.
●If it is particularly dirty, pre-wash it before using the net.
●Lint from the last wash may remain in the net. Please use it after removing the lint.

[Handling Precautions]
●Do not use or store near a fire or in a place subject to high temperatures.
●Please check the instruction manual of the washing machine before using.
●Be sure to wash according to the care instructions displayed on the laundry.
●Do not put more laundry than the capacity of the net, and do not put clothes with sharp metal parts. It may cause damage to the network.
●Please close the zipper until the end.
●Please put the zipper pull inside the zipper cover.
●Do not pull the fastener strongly. Doing so may cause damage.
●In order to prevent the laundry from being damaged or running, please be careful not to catch it on the zipper when putting it in and out of the net.
●If you put the laundry in the dryer while it is in the net, it may dry unevenly or wrinkle.
●After use, dry well before storing.

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