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Product Code 250850083700
Size 66 x 36 X 23.5cm
Materials Polypropylene Steel
Weight 0.62kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 0Min
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 66 x 36 x 23.5cm
Package Weight 0.62kg

●Strong pinch has about 1.5 times the spring strength of regular pinch (compared to our company)
●When drying jeans, 4 pinches can be used to dry 1 piece
●Soft pinch does not leave marks on laundry and is delicate Perfect for clothes
●The thin structure of the 10cm hook makes it easy to dry even in low places such as on the veranda of an apartment
●Since it comes with a handle, it is easy to dry even in high places
●The rod stopper can be firmly fixed to the clothesline so it does not slip out
●The rotation of the hanger is suppressed Comes with anti-rotation hooks that can be attached

*The mounting positions are on the left and right frames, but only one anti-rotation hook is needed.

Body: Polypropylene
Pinch: Polypropylene, Steel

[Handling Precautions]
●To prevent accidents due to falling, do not use in strong winds.
● Dry the laundry in a well-balanced manner so that the hanger does not tilt.
●To prevent deterioration and damage due to direct sunlight, store indoors after use.
● Do not use near fire or in hot air such as a bathroom with a dryer. The product may soften and deform.

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