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Product Code 250731794700
Color Beige
Size Width 100 x length 176 cm x 2 sheets
Materials 100% polyester
Weight 0.6kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 0Min
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 14.5 x 35 x 8cm
Package Weight 1.2kg

The secret of Catch Clean ™ is the new material "Pollen Catch Bulky High Structure Thread"

"Pollen catch bulk high structure thread" catches pollen and dust with about twice the force. Unlike post-processing, "pollen catch bulk high structure yarn" does not lose its function even after repeated washing.

* "Catch Clean ™" is a product limited to NITORI.

Catch pollen and dust with about twice the power!
* Compared to our company

* Comparison of normal product and Catch Clean ™ after pseudo pollen injection Electron micrograph

It is easy to catch pollen and dust because it uses fibers with a special loop structure jointly developed with Teijin.
Compared to general polyester materials for curtains, the catch rate is about 200% or more, which prevents pollen and dust from entering the room from the outside.

Even if you repeat washing at home, the function remains the same!

* Comparison of regular product after washing and Catch Clean ™ Electron micrograph

The caught pollen can be easily removed by washing at home. The structure of the fiber itself makes it easier to catch pollen, so the effect is not lost even after washing.
In addition, it is a durable and quick-drying fiber, so it is a nice point that it is easy to clean!

Natural fiber-like and natural texture

It is durable and quick-drying, and while it is a polyester fiber, it has a natural texture like natural fiber.

Received the Good Design Award

Difficulty level day 4 and night 2 (NITORI standard invisible level. There are 5 levels from 1 to 5, and the larger the number, the harder it is to see from the outside.)

* The light environment differs between day and night . Therefore, the difficulty of seeing changes.

With an adjuster hook that can adjust the length. (A hook specification that makes the drape look beautiful)

UV UV cut 84% Heat shield effect: Blocks the outside air and makes it difficult for the air in the room to escape.

Mirror effect that reflects light from the outside during the day and makes it difficult to see the room from the outside Adsorbs pollen in the air and inactivates pollen with the power of ions.

Moisture-absorbs and removes allergens contained in adsorbed pollen.

Catch pollen in the air. Pollen is removed by washing, and the effect lasts.
It can be washed in your home washing machine.

Dimensional change rate / Vertical: -1.0% Horizontal: -1.0%
* Curtains with a width of 101 cm or more will have seams.

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