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Product Code 250470980000
Size W160 x D42 x H202cm
Materials MDF
Weight 183kg
Warranty 5Year
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Packing 1: W162 x D42 x H108cm
Packing 2: W42 x D52 x H95cm
Packing 3: W62× D52× H95cm
Packing 4: W62 × D52 × H95cm
Packing 5: W162 × D53 × H5cm
Package Weight 185kg

Sliding door type with aluminum rail for smooth opening and closing.
The shelves inside are lowered at the back, so they use sloping shelves that prevent dishes from sliding forward even when shaken.
It is designed to be safe for earthquakes.

The glass is affixed with a shatterproof film that prevents fragments from flying apart even if it breaks.
It is an open type base that can be used as you like, such as putting a dust box in an open space.

The drawers are made by Hetig, which is also very durable.
The side of the drawer has a clean design where you can't see the rail hardware.
Undermount specification that distributes and receives force.
Soft closes slowly and snugly without making unpleasant sounds, and is fully open for easy insertion and removal.

【Detailed size inner dimensions (approx.)】

(35) Width 5.45× Depth 28× Height 5.31cm(5) Width 43.5×Depth 44.1500×Height 1cm
*51W outlet 5
(43) Width 5.11× Depth 51.5× Height 43cm (5) ・ (13) Width 5.51×Depth 5.43×Height 5.24cm (5) Width 51.5×Depth 43.5×Height 11. <>cm (<>) Width <>. <>×Depth <>. <>×Height <>cm

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