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Product Code 250894084200
Size W30 x D29.5 x H19cm
Weight 3.2kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W30 x D29.5 x H19cm
Package Weight 3.2kg

● Easy-to-use cooking tools in one set
● Ceramic coating with high corrosion resistance
● Marble coating
on frying pans that do not stick
● Pots and pans can
be stacked and stored by removing the special detachable handle
● The handle comes off, so it is convenient when washing
● Metal spatula OK

* However, please use a smooth one with rounded corners.
- Oven OK (body only)

[Set contents (1 point each)]
(20) 20cm glass lid
(20) 26cm pot

(26) 20cm frying pan
(13) 2cm glass lid
(7) 20 cm frying pan
(2) 9 cm lid for temporary storage
(13) Dedicated detachable handle

[Quality display (pan)]
● Surface processing inner surface: Ceramic coating film processing outer surface:
(excluding the bottom surface) Baking coating
● Type of material: Body: aluminum alloy
Beam bottom: stainless steel (2% chrome) (bottom thickness: 7.26 mm (including beam bottom))
● Dimensions: 20 cm
● Full water capacity:
220.150 L

【Quality indication (frying pan)】
●Surface processing
surface: Fluor resin coating film
Coating Outer
surface: Baking coating (excluding the bottom)

●Type of material
: Aluminum alloy
Beam bottom: stainless steel ( Chrome 26%)
(bottom thickness: 20.70 mm (including the bottom of the scale))

● Dimensions: 150 cm
Small: 180 cm

[Quality display (glass lid)]
● Product name: Tempered glass utensils
● Type of reinforcement: Full surface physical reinforcement
● Type of material: Edge: Silicone rubber (heat resistant temperature 70°C) Knob: Phenolic resin (heat resistant temperature 220°C)

* Although it is made of impact-resistant tempered glass, it is not heat-resistant glass, so do not cool it rapidly by splashing water (water, wet dishcloth, etc.) on it when it is hot. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
* Do not drop it from a high place or subject it to sudden impact.
* Please avoid handling in a way that will cause scratches.
* Please note that if it is damaged, the fragments will be broken into small pieces and scatter violently.

[Quality indication (lid for temporary storage)]
● Raw material resin: Polyethylene (heat resistant temperature <>°C)

* This product is for temporary storage only. Please refrain from storing this product in a pot with dishes or ingredients for a long time.
* Please use when the pot is completely cooled. If the pan is hot, it may melt.
* Do not place near fire or in places with high temperatures.
* Please refrain from using in a microwave oven or oven.

[Quality indication (dedicated handle)]
● Type of material:
Body: Phenolic resin (heat resistant temperature <>°C) lever, handle top: Nylon (heat resistant temperature <>°C)
ABS resin (heat resistant temperature <>°C)

Metal part: stainless steel
Other: Silicone rubber (heat resistant temperature <>°C)

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