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Product Code 250894218300
Color black
Size W26 x D17.5 x H20cm
Materials aluminum
Weight 950g
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W28 x D19.5 x H22cm
Package Weight 1.5kg

●You can enjoy 7 dishes with this one unit because of its strong inner fluorine processing
●Simmer, fry, fry, mix, cook, boil, and boil
●Comes with a strainer convenient for cooking such as boiled noodles and deep-fried foods
●Convenient during cooking Comes with a glass lid that can be stood up・IH200V

/100V・Compatible with gas fires [Quality display (pan)]

●Surface processing Inner surface : Fluorine resin coating processing %)
(Bottom thickness: 2.6mm (including beam bottom))

●Other materials Handle: Phenolic resin (heat-resistant temperature: 150°C)
●Dimensions (approx.): 17cm
●Capacity filled with water: 2.5L [Quality display (strainer)]
● Type of material: Stainless steel

[Quality indication (glass lid)]
Product surface: Tempered glass equipment
Type of strengthening: Full physical strengthening
Other materials Knob: Phenolic resin (heat-resistant temperature 150°C)
Edge ring: Stainless steel
*Impact Although it is made of tempered glass that is resistant to heat, it is not a heat-resistant glass that is resistant to heat.

[Other specifications]
●Oven: Cannot be used
●Microwave oven: Cannot be used

●Dishwasher: Do not use

[Handling Precautions]
●When using a strainer, the lid cannot be closed.
●Use within the appropriate water level.
●When cooking tempura or fried food, do not raise the oil temperature above 200°C.

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