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Product Code 250894443200
Size W21.5 x D39.7 x H9cm
Weight 0.52kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W21.5 x D39.7 x H9cm
Package Weight 0.52kg

● Excellent durability with anodized processing + fluorine coating
● Smooth sticking resistance lasts for a long time
● Because it is a bottom thermal spray process, oil spreads evenly
● Surface treatment that easily removes dirt on both the inside and outside surfaces
● Metal spatula OK
* However, please use a smooth one with a rounded tip.

【Quality indication】
●Type of material
Body: Aluminum alloy (bottom thickness: 2.8mm)
●Other materials
Handle: Phenolic resin (heat resistant temperature 150°C)

●Surface treatment
Inner surface: Fluoropolymer coating film processing
Outer surface: Ceramic coating film processing

● Dimensions (approx.):
20 cm

[Other specifications]
● Microwave oven: Not available

[Handling precautions]
● Adjust the preheating and heating to "medium heat" or lower, and do not preheat for more than 30 seconds. In particular, IH heaters of 3 kw or more have very strong thermal power, so be careful. Doing so may cause deformation or burns.
● Please refrain from using it for tempura dishes. Doing so may cause burns.
- During and immediately after cooking, the main body and handle are hot. Please use mittens.
● Do not leave salty, alkaline, or acidic items in it. Doing so may cause corrosion.
●Please refrain from emptying. Doing so may cause burns, fire, peeling of the surface work, or deformation. In the unlikely event that it is empty, wait for it to cool down naturally without pouring water on it.
● Do not leave this product in contact with dissimilar metals such as iron. Doing so may cause rust to occur.
● Be careful not to spill or boil over. Also, do not put the contents (liquid, etc.) all the way to the edge of the pot.
● Do not leave it in a state where the dirt has not been sufficiently removed. Do not leave the dish unattended in the pan. The surface resin treatment may peel off or become lumpy. It can also cause corrosion.

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