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Product Code 250620190100
Color Black/Red
Size W 118 x D 63 x H 73.5cm
Material Synthetic Resin Decorative Fiberboard
(Vinyl Chloride Resin)
Weight About 20kg
Warranty 1 Year
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time Half an Hour
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W 124 x D 66 x H 10cm
Packing Weight 20.5kg

*Chairs and other accessories used are performance products.

Unlike general desks, this gaming desk is designed to make it easier to play games.

The outlet storage parts are installed on the back side of the top board, and the wiring is also neat.

The surface of the top plate is a carbon-like PVC sheet with unevenness, and the sides have large hooks for hanging headphones and gamepads.

The leg is spacious and he can use the footrest chair. The coloring of the side legs is a post-installed sticker, so if you prefer a calm atmosphere, you can change it to black steel legs.

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