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Product Code 250898810600
Size W16 x D16 x H21cm
Weight 0.2kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W12 x D4.5 x H23.2cm
Package Weight 0.24kg

●Comes with a tray that is convenient for draining water
●Strongly absorbs moisture and unpleasant odors
●The deodorizing power of the porous ceramic ball and activated carbon ball is effective ●PET bottles, stainless steel bottles, and freezer bags dry quickly and keep them clean ●Main unit Easy to assemble just by inserting into the base
●Multiple can be connected with the included joint parts
●Various ways to connect and use

*This product contains activated carbon and porous ceramic balls. Due to friction, etc., fine powder may come out during use, but there is no effect on performance and the human body.

[Contents of set]
●Main body × 2
●Base × 2
●Tray × 1
●Joint parts × 2

[Size (approximately)]
Assembled / When connecting two pieces:
Width 16 × Depth 16 × Height 22cm

Main unit, base, Joint parts/tray: Polypropylene
(heat-resistant temperature: 120°C/cold-resistant temperature: -20°C)
Drying ball: porous ceramics, activated carbon

[Drying method]
●Dry in the sun on a sunny day about every two to three weeks. please.
● When drying in the sun, please do so in a well-ventilated place for about 5 hours.
●If the ball inside gets wet, dry it thoroughly in the sun.
●When storing, store in a well-ventilated place.

[Handling Precautions]
●This product cannot be washed with water. Also, do not immerse it in water. It will cause deterioration. Dishwasher cannot be used.
●Drain the water from the bottle well before placing it.
●When drying stainless steel bottles, use only if the mouth of the bottle can be stably placed on the base. Depending on the diameter and length of the bottle, it may tip over if it is floating or tilted in an unstable state.
●When installing in your own drain basket, etc., please make sure that it is stable. Also, if the draining basket is used in an empty state, it may tilt or tip over.
●Do not shake this product strongly. The activated carbon and porous ceramic balls built into the main unit may cause powder to come out due to friction and vibration.
● Do not use or store near fire or in places subject to high temperatures.
● Do not disassemble the main unit.
●Rust may occur if the product is left with dirt on it.
●When cleaning, do not use thinner, benzine, polishing powder, detergents containing abrasives, scrubbers (nylon, metal, etc.), melamine sponges, or the nylon side of sponges.
●Do not use chlorine bleach. In addition, do not use bleaching agents other than chlorine for cleaning as they can cause rust.

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