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Product Code 250865809200
Size W6 x D6 x H30cm
Weight 0.36kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W6 x D6 x H30cm
Package Weight 0.36kg

● You can open and close like a long umbrella without breaking the bones by hand

● Large size (about 124 cm) prevents rain

● Excellent water repellency because it is super water-repellent
● Easy storage with a wide storage bag [Size (approx.)] Umbrella diameter: 124 cm
Length of parent bone: 70 cm

[Number of parent bones] 8 bones

[Composition of umbrella fabric] 100%

polyester [UV cut rate]

95.3% [Light shielding rate] 95.7%

[Handling precautions]

● This product has a sharp part. Always be aware of the safety of your surroundings when using it.
● Please open and close the umbrella in a place where there are no people.
● Please refrain from using a cane instead.
● When the umbrella is not in use, do not drag it and carry it around. Doing so may cause damage or leakage.
● Do not swing or throw.
● Please do not use with your hands or the tip of the bone broken.
● It may be damaged in strong winds, so please stop using it.
● After use, unfold the umbrella and remove moisture sufficiently.
● Dry in the shade and store in a place with little moisture.
● If stored wet, it may cause rust and color transfer.
● Depending on the product, there may be an odor, but it is due to the pigment in the print.
● Do not leave it in the car.
● Do not touch the fiberglass parent bone with your bare hands. Sometimes the tip of the fiberglass is exposed from the surface. If the fiberglass is pinched, the fiberglass may stick in your hand, so please stop using it.
● Please refrain from using it for any purpose other than an umbrella.
* Please be careful with children.

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