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Product Code 250401161000
Color Gray
Size 150 x 90 x 70cm
Materials Ceramic
Weight 59kg
Warranty 1Year(s)
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Packing 1:
Width 152 x Depth 97 x Height 8 cm
Packing 2:
Width 159 x Depth 99 x Height 9 cm
Package Weight 63kg
* The image uses white from the same series.
The top plate is made of a scratch-resistant ceramic material.
It has a high surface hardness and is not easily scratched even when rubbed with metal.
Since it is resistant to heat and fire, there is almost no discoloration or deformation even if a hot pot or frying pan is placed.
In addition, it is a material that is resistant not only to heat but also to cold.
It is hard to soak in, so even if you spill seasonings or chemicals, you can easily clean it by wiping it lightly.
Alcohol disinfection is also OK.
Since it is resistant to ultraviolet rays, it does not easily fade or deteriorate, and its beauty continues.

* Ceramic is a type of pottery that is the same as pottery.
There is no need to worry about scratches and dents caused by tableware, stains caused by water or oil, and discoloration caused by heat.

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