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Product Code 250229775100
Color White
Size W140 x D197 x H16 cm
Weight 18kg
Warranty 5 years
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W27 x D27 x H149 cm
Package Weight 19kg

Easy to disassemble and separate mattress for disposal

① Insert scissors into the hole on the side and cut the cover.
② Peel off the urethane filling on the front and back.
③ Peel off the non-woven fabric along the perforations and remove the coil.

Disassembly and separation takes about 6 minutes with two people. It contributes to speeding up recycling and reduces the burden of carrying.

*Disposal methods vary depending on the municipality. Please contact your local government in advance.

The coils support the body at points, fitting to the body's lines.
It provides excellent body pressure dispersion that does not put pressure on specific parts of the body while sleeping, achieving a comfortable sleep with less strain on the body.

It is packaged in a roll, so it is easy to receive at the front door. It is easy to carry to your room and can be used immediately after opening the package.

*It may take 2 to 3 days to return to its original size.
*Once opened, it cannot be recompressed.

This is a double size.

*Thickness: approximately 16 cm (measured at the widest point)

■Surface fabric:
100% polyester

Polyester fiber, urethane foam, needle punch (100% polyester)

[Number of springs]

[Spring wire diameter]
1.8 mm wire diameter, 5 coils

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