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Product Code 250756390300
Color K GREEN1
Size 130 x 180 x 1cm
Weight 0.78kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 24 x 35 x 4cm
Package Weight 0.79kg
Comfortable all year round! For prevention of mold, moisture, and condensation during the humid rainy season, summer when night sweats easily occur, and winter when condensation easily occurs. Can also be used for dehumidification of closets.

* Image is for illustrative purposes only. Floor and bed mildew protection!
Comfortable all year round!
Place it on the surface of tatami mats, wooden flooring, or beds. Place it on a surface that is in contact with tatami mats, flooring, or beds.
Can also be used to dehumidify closets.
Maximum maximum moisture absorption 510cc! This is equivalent to about 2.3 cups of water.
With humidity control sensor When the color of the sensor changes from blue to pink, it is a sign that it should be dried in the sun.
Please dry the back side of the sensor in the sun.
You can use it repeatedly just by drying it in the sun.
Washing OK!
When washing, be sure to remove the sensor.
*If you wet the sensor with water, it will not work properly.
-->Single size

● Comfortable all year round
Damp rainy season, night sweat prone
● For prevention of mold, moisture and condensation in the humid rainy season, summer and winter when condensation tends to occur.
● Easy to clean
Can be used over and over again by simply drying in the sun.
●For use on floors and beds to prevent mold and mildew
●With moisture control sensor.
● Can also be used for dehumidification of closets.
● Maximum moisture absorption: 510cc (equivalent to about 2.3 cups)
■ Composition
Outer fabric: 100% polypropylene
Fill: Silica gel type B
Lining fabric: 100% polypropylene
Hem (edge): 100% polypropylene

■ (Not washable) br>
[How to use]
Place the dehumidifying sheet on a surface that is in contact with the tatami flooring or bed.
(If you are using a mattress pad, place it under the mattress pad.)
● To dry in the sun
Please dry the back side of the sensor in the sun.
When drying in the sun, if the humidity is high, the sensor may not return to blue, but the dehumidification function will be fully restored.
*Even before opening the package, the sensor may turn pink depending on the environment, but this will not affect the

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