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Product Code 250849023300
Size W70 x D50 x H30cm
Materials NON-WOVEN
Weight 1.47kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 5mins
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W51 x D4.5 x H39cm
Package Weight 1.66kg

●With a transparent window that makes it easy to see the contents
●Plenty of storage
●Can be used without dividers

[Size (approx.)]
Width 70 x Depth 50 x Height 30 cm

[Number of dividers]
4 squares

[Estimated storage capacity]
For sweaters and sweatshirts: (approx.) 20 to 30 pieces

Outer material: Non-woven fabric
Core material: Paper, polypropylene
Window: EVA resin

[Handling precautions]
●Do not wash, wipe with water, or iron.
●To prevent fading due to light and damage to the fabric, do not place in direct sunlight.
●Do not place near fire or in direct contact with hot air.
●Make sure to dry the items thoroughly and store them in a clean state.
●When carrying the bag, be sure to hold the two handles on the side of the storage bag with both hands.
●Do not pull the handles too hard.
●Do not pull out the storage bag with items on it.
●Due to the characteristics of non-woven fabric, it may tear if pulled too hard, so please be careful.
●When opening and closing the zipper, do not pull it forcibly, but open and close it straight. Also, when closing, make sure to bring the zippers close together to avoid putting strain on them.

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