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Product Code 250400116900
Size 135 x 80 x 70cm
Materials CERAMIC
Weight 47.5kg
Warranty 5 years
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time 30Min
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size 148 x 94 x 14cm
Package Weight 50kg

The 4-legged table is easy to get in and out of and has a sense of stability, so both sides are easy to sit on.
The ceramic top plate is resistant to scratches and heat and is easy to clean.
The ceramic top plate is 12mm thick.
Beveled hull-shaped edge for a more thick feel.
Ceramic materials are a type of pottery similar to ceramics, and are ideal materials for dining and kitchens.
There is no need to worry about scratches or dents caused by tableware, stains caused by water or oil, or discoloration caused by heat.
*Because it is a pottery, the texture of the product you receive will differ one by one. note that.

■ The surface hardness of the top plate, which is resistant to scratches and wear, is high, and it is difficult to scratch even if it is rubbed with metal.
*Do not apply strong force or shock to the corners or edges. It may cause cracks.

■ Even if you place hot pots or frying pans on the top plate, which is resistant to heat, it will not discolor or deform.

■ The dirt-resistant top plate is hard to soak even if seasonings are spilled, and it is easy to clean just by wiping it lightly. Alcohol disinfection is also OK.

■ Strong against ultraviolet rays
Even if exposed to ultraviolet rays, it is difficult to fade or deteriorate.

■ Freezing damage resistance
We are strong in cold as well as heat.

[Detailed size (approximately)]
Inner leg dimensions: 72cm
Height from floor to bottom of top plate 61cm

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