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Product Code 250897337900
Color GRAY
Size W30.5 x D40 x H1.3cm
Materials PP TPE
Weight 0.98kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W30.5 x D40 x H1.3cm
Package Weight 0.98kg

● Stone grain pattern design with a calm atmosphere
● Stable comfort
with anti-slip wrapping at both ends
● Indentation processing that prevents moisture from food from flowing outside the cutting board
● Reasonably soft and hard to
damage the blade of the knife
● Antibacterial processing

Body: Polypropylene
anti-skid: Thermoplastic elastomer

[Heat resistant temperature]
Body: 100°C Anti-skid: 120°C

[Other specifications]
● Dishwasher: Can be used

[About care]
● Scratches may be caused by brushing with scouring brushes or scouring powder.
● After use, remove dirt with kitchen detergent as soon as possible, wipe off moisture, and dry. In order to maintain its whiteness, it is recommended to regularly clean it with bleach.
● Please stop disinfecting with hot water because it will deform.

【Handling precautions】
● Do not place near fire.
● Do not put hot pans on it.
● Do not leave it dirty. Doing so may cause discoloration or deterioration.
● Please refrain from using the handover in the sink.
● Depending on the darkly pigmented food, discoloration or color transfer may occur, but there is no problem with the quality.
● Antibacterial agents are not guaranteed to be stainless.

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