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Product Code 250898410600
Color GRAY
Size W23 x D23 x H0.3 cm
Materials PVA sponge
Weight 30g
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W33 x D33 x H1.3 cm
Package Weight 0.53kg

● Absorbs water approximately 10 times
*compared to the dry weight of this product
● PVA sponge material absorbs moisture thanks to its 60-micron fine three-dimensional structure
● Can be used as a draining mat for washed cups and dishes
● Soft sponge mat for wiping the sink It can also be used for squeezing, so it can be used repeatedly

[Amount of water absorption]
When wet (approx.): 135 mL

[Size (approx.)]
23 x 23 cm

[Heat resistant temperature]
60 ° C

[Handling Note:
● The isothiazolinone preservatives contained in this product may cause allergic dermatitis. Before using it for the first time, be sure to wash it well with water and wring it out before using.
● It becomes hard when dry. Soak in water or lukewarm water to soften before use.
● The mat may warp when dried depending on the usage environment. When using tall tableware or light-weight tableware such as thin glasses, please be careful not to tip over.
● Due to the characteristics of the product, the sponge may have marks such as dents, but there is no problem with quality or functionality.
● If you leave it dirty, it may cause mold. After use, wash well and wring out before storing.
● When using bleach, be sure to follow the usage conditions for bleach. (Usage example: Dilute 1 L of water with 5 mL of chlorine bleach, soak for about 2 minutes, then rinse well with water). If the bleach is used in a concentration exceeding the specified amount, if the product is soaked in excess of the specified amount, or if the rinsing is insufficient, the material will deteriorate and the color will fade.
● Do not put it in boiling water, place it in a hot place, or leave it under direct sunlight.

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