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Product Code 250115492000
Size W206 x D97 x H99cm
Materials PU
Weight 116kg
Warranty 5Year
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Packing 1: W21 x D9 x H8cm
Packing 2: W86 x D80 x H65cm
Packing 3: W86 x D80 x H65cm
Packing 4: W85 x D57 x H65
Package Weight 118kg

It is an electric reclining sofa that allows you to relax in a relaxed and optimal posture for yourself. With the wide seat depth and wide armrests, you can rest comfortably even if you lie down.
We use Nitori's original material "N-Shield" that is easy to clean for the upholstery.

The upholstery is scratch-resistant, hard to peel off, synthetic leather "N Shield". * PVC is used for other parts.
Since it reduces scratches that tend to get on in everyday life, it is difficult to deteriorate the appearance and can be easily cleaned.

The backrest is a high back that supports up to the neck.
The three-tier cushion on the back and the bucket-shaped pure urethane cushion on the seat provide solid support for the body. The recesses in the seat and backrest fit the body and provide support without slipping, reducing the strain on the back and lower back.

The three-person sofa turns into a table when the central seat is folded down, which is convenient for placing drinks and small trinkets.

Reclining operation can be done with the recessed buttons on the side, and there is no cord or remote control, so it looks neat. It can be easily turned by simply pressing a button that does not require force.

In addition, the switch part has a USB port, so you can relax while charging your smartphone and other devices.

The blue lamp on the USB socket is always on when the power is on.

This is a sofa for 3 people.
* In the center for 3 people, the backrest part is a table.

【Surface Material and Care Instructions】

Synthetic leather mainly refers to PVC (vinyl chloride leather), PU (polyurethane) and soft leather.
It is resistant to water and dirt, and the price is also cheap.
Soft Rezer is close in flexibility and durability to leather.

【Delivery frontage size】

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