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Product Code 250116116900
Color GREY
Size W89 x D97 x H99cm
Materials FABRIC
Weight 49kg
Warranty 5years
Assembly Type Need to Assemble
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size W91 x D88 x H75cm
Package Weight 50kg

The wide seat surface and armrests make it less prone to back pain even if you lie down for a long time.
The high backrest design can support the head and back.
The three-section filling design and the cylindrical polyurethane foam can fully support the body weight.
The seat surface and backrest fit the body shape completely, are not easy to slide and can support the back and waist, reducing the burden on the body.

The central seat of the sofa for 3 people can be used as a desktop by lowering the back of the chair, and there is a cup holder for placing drinks or other small objects.

The reclining seat back operation button is set on the side of the seat, and the electric reclining seat back can be operated by easy pressing.
Any member of the family can freely adjust easily.

There is a USB charging function on the side, which is convenient for charging mobile phones or tablets.

The side USB jack, if plugged in, the blue light will always be on.

■Surface material and maintenance method:
【Surface material】
Cloth quality: the most suitable material for creating a warm and comfortable home atmosphere

【Maintenance method】
Maintenance method: Please use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to remove surface dirt. For stains that are difficult to clean, apply a little neutral detergent to the rag, tap the stain, and wipe off with as little detergent as possible.

【Seat surface spring structure】Sturdy and durable S-shaped spring
■S-shaped spring is a wavy parallel spring, which is a common spring type.

[Suggested width of the entrance door]
Approx. 65cm

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