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Product Code 250203577000
Color White
Size Width 97 x Depth 197 x Height 31 cm
Materials Polyster
Weight about 32kg
Warranty 10 years
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Packing 1: W33 x D33 x H106 cm
Packing 2: W98 x D198 x H20 cm
Package Weight 33kg

The coils support the body at points and fit according to the body line. It exhibits excellent body pressure dispersion that does not apply pressure to specific parts of the body during sleep.
The highly elastic knit fabric on the surface is deodorant, anti-mite, and antibacterial.
The 3D fiber spring structure "C-CORE" dissipates heat with outstanding breathability. High resilience and moderate elasticity make it easy to toss and turn.

This is a single size.

*Thickness approx. 31 cm (measured at the point where it bulges the most)

Surface fabric Highly elastic knit fabric
Topper surface: Cotton (15 mm), soft urethane (20 mm), non-woven fabric, Seacore ( 20mm), soft corrugated urethane (35mm), soft urethane (10mm)
Topper back: Non-woven fabric, felt, soft urethane (5mm)
Bottom surface: Soft urethane (5mm), non-woven fabric/felt
Bottom bottom back: Non-woven fabric, felt

[ Number of springs]
Upper row 528 pieces + Lower row 450 pieces = 978 pieces

[Spring wire diameter]
Pocket coil spring Topper
wire diameter 1.4mm Parallel arrangement 6 windings
Bottom wire diameter 1.8mm Parallel arrangement 5.5 windings

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