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Product Code 250200082200
Color Ivory
Size Width 97 x Depth 196 x Height 30cm
Materials Polyester
Weight about 34kg
Warranty 10 years
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Width 39 x Depth 39 x Height 110cm
Package Weight 34.5kg

* ZERO VB is used in the video.
*The image uses a double size.
A firm type mattress. Two layers of pocket coil fit the body and support the body firmly.

A high-grade comfort that combines soft surface padding and two layers of pocket coils.

The pocket coil provides excellent body pressure dispersion. It provides a comfortable sleep without pressure on specific parts of the body during sleep.
The pocket coil has a two-layer structure. The upper section uses a mini-pocket coil with high body pressure dispersion.
The lower tier is a pocket coil with a thicker wire diameter for increased support, which firmly supports the load.
The stuffing contains wool that maintains temperature and humidity, making it soft and comfortable to sleep on.
In addition, we use latex with high resilience that is hard to sag and urethane containing charcoal that has a high antibacterial effect.
The surface is a knit fabric (with silk) that feels good on the skin.
It is always clean with deodorant, anti-mite, and antibacterial functions.

Packaged in rolls for easy door-to-door pickup. Easy to carry to your room, you can use it as soon as you open the package.

*It may take 2-3 days to restore the original size.
*Once unpacked, it cannot be recompressed.

This is a single size.

*Thickness approx. 30 cm (measured at the point where it bulges the most) ■Surface fabric Knit fabric (with silk) that feels good on the skin Urethane (10mm), non-woven fabric, latex (10mm), non-woven fabric

● Center: non-woven fabric, urethane (15 mm), felt, non-woven fabric
● Back: non-woven fabric, urethane (15 mm), non-woven fabric, urethane (10 mm)

[Number of springs] Upper 760 + Lower 595 = 1355

[Spring wire diameter]
Upper pocket coil
wire Diameter 1.4mm
Bottom pocket coil
wire diameter 1.8mm

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