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Product Code 250471764000
Size 150 x 50 x 92cm
Materials MDF
Weight 78kg
Warranty 5Year(s)
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 10Min
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size 152 x 52 x 97cm
Package Weight 82kg

**Resume Cabinet Upper, Bottom & Counter Top are Sold Separately.**

To view our Resume series, click here.

It is a kitchen counter with an orthodox drawer storage.

The slide table is ideal for placing products with lids such as rice cookers and kitchen appliances that produce steam. With a wiring hole, you can pass the cord through the back.

The bottom of the drawer is a full slide rail specification that makes it easy to put things in and out.

[Detailed size (approximately)]
Internal dimensions of the lower door (left side): width 30.5 x depth 48 x height 70.5 cm

Movable shelves: 3 pieces Shelf depth: 37.5 cm
Movable pitch: 3 cm/14 steps
Drawer inner dimension 1 step Eyes: width 70 x depth 43.5 x height 16 (effective internal dimensions 10) cm
Second stage: width 70 x depth 43.5 x height 23 (effective internal dimensions 17) cm
Bottom: width 70 x depth 43.5 x height 35 cm (Effective internal dimensions 30) cm

Open space internal dimensions: Width 30 x Depth 47.5 x Height 31 cm 1500W With 1 outlet Door Interior dimensions (right side): Width 30 x Depth 48 x Height 32.5 cm

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