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Product Code 250036604500
Color Middle Brown
Size Width 59 x Depth 54 x Height 191cm
Materials Printed Paper Decorative Fiberboard
Weight 59 KG
Warranty 5Year
Assembly Type ASSEMBLED
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size Width 61 x Depth 56 x Height 193cm
Package Weight 60 KG

It is the [Porte D] series that can be combined freely according to the room and purpose to make effective use of the wall surface.

A vertically long blazer dresser that makes effective use of the wall surface.
If you combine them in a series, you can complete a wall storage that can organize the storage of the living room.
The white front has a glossy, scratch-resistant enamel UV coating.
In addition, the brown front is resistant to scratches and has a reinforced paper finish.
Single rail specification convenient for jacket storage.
The magnetic door closes tightly, and there is a tie hanger behind the door and a mirror that allows you to check your appearance.
All drawers have rails. Furthermore, the bottom row adopts a full open slide rail, which is convenient because it can be pulled out to the back.
*Please open and close the drawers one cup at a time.
If you pull out multiple drawers at the same time, there is a risk of tipping over.

[Detailed size (approx.)]
Door inner dimensions: width 54 x depth 51 x height 98 cm
Drawer inner dimensions
1-3: width 49 x depth 47 x height 12.5 cm
4th tier: width 49 x depth 47 x height 14cm

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