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Product Code 250240215000
Size W204 x D102 x H145.5cm
Materials PINE WOOD
Weight 63.8kg
Warranty 1 year
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 20mins
Delivery Type DeliveryWithAssembly
Package Size W0 x D0 x H0cm
Package Weight 65.2kg

* The image uses [light brown].
Sunoko type bunk bed.
The simple design makes it easy to match with your room.
Since it can be recombined and separated, you can continue to use it even if your lifestyle changes.

There is an entrance at the upper entrance, so it is easy to enter and get off.
In addition, you can choose the position of the ladder left or right.
It is possible to store a storage case and an extra bed up to 25 cm in height under the bed.

It has hooks on the sides, which makes it convenient to hang small things.

Sunoko type that does not easily accumulate moisture under the mattress.
The breathable slats make it easier for moisture and heat to escape while you sleep.

The total thickness of the
mattress must be less than 10 cm.
Climbing over the fence when turning over may cause injury.

■ Approximate body weight to be used is about 90 kg or less
* As a normal sleep use.
* Please refrain from jumping and other actions that concentrate on one point and apply weight, as it is dangerous.

* In the case of an image, the accessories used are production items.

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