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LACE RL004 100X176X2

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Product Code 250734906700
Size W200 x D0.1 x H176cm
Materials POLYESTER100%
Weight 0.72kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size W29 x D35 x H8cm
Package Weight 0.78kg

Heat-shielding and image-shielding lace curtains that are bright with light diffusion even with a UV cut rate of 99%

Achieves the dual contradictory functions of ``cutting ultraviolet rays'' and ``bringing brightness into the room.''
You can enjoy the brightness of your room while protecting yourself from UV rays.

~Good Design Award Jury Comments~
This solves the conflicting problems of consumers wanting to bring sunlight into their rooms and wanting to avoid sunburn and deterioration of furniture and flooring caused by ultraviolet rays. Normally, when you try to achieve a UV-cutting function, you end up blocking sunlight and making the room dark, but this product achieves UV-cutting while still maintaining brightness. I felt that the lace curtains let in brightness while blocking the line of sight, and the way the light was diffused was beautiful.

Difficulty of seeing level: Daytime 5, Nighttime 5
(Difficulty level of visibility according to Nitori standards. There are 5 levels from 1 to 5. The higher the number, the harder it is to see from the outside.)
*The light environment is different during the day and night. Therefore, visibility will change.
Comes with an adjuster hook that allows you to adjust the length.
(A-hook design that makes the drape look beautiful)
UV protection rate of 99%
Heat shielding effect: Blocks outside air and makes it difficult for air to escape from the room.
Image blocking: The interior has been treated to make it difficult to see from the outside.
It can be washed in a household washing machine.

■Dimension change rate/vertical: -1.0% horizontal: -1.0%

*Curtains with a width of 101 cm or more will have seams.

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