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Freezer Bag M 40Pc DouBLe ZiPPer

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Product Code 250893727100
Size 18 X 0.1 x 23cm
Weight 0.01kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
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Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 7 x 19 x 5cm
Package Weight 0.17kg

For storing and managing ingredients and other small items
Freezer bag double zipper for freezing and thawing

● Excellent sealing properties make it convenient for freezing liquid foods such as curry and meat sauce.
● Protects food from freezer burn caused by drying or oxidation.
● Convenient for keeping track of frozen foods as you can write down the date and contents.
● Can be defrosted in the microwave with the entire bag.

■ Gussetless type
■ M size (approx. 18 cm wide x 20 cm high below zipper)
■ Pack of 40 bags
■ Material: Polyethylene
■ Cold resistance temperature: -70°C
■ Heat resistance temperature: 80°C

[Precautions for handling]
When defrosting in a microwave oven, be sure to remove part of the zipper. When defrosting in a microwave oven, be sure to partially open the zipper.
Do not use for heating.
When storing liquid products, keep the volume below the eighth level.
When storing or defrosting liquid products, use a tray to catch the liquid. Please use a saucer. When thawing, transfer to a different container.





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