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Product Code 250850316900
Size 14.2 x 1.7 X 24cm
Materials Polypropylene
Weight 0.11kg
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time 0Min
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size 15 x 1.6 x 26.5cm
Package Weight 0.11kg

● Easy one-touch opening and closing
● When you want to dry your laundry indoors, such as on rainy days or when you go out, you can easily dry your laundry by attaching it to the door frame, fusuma, or shoji.
● Use one to dry large items such as bath towels and sheets using a regular hanger and two to use a rod or pole.
In addition to rainy days, it is also convenient for drying women's underwear indoors and hanging coats, suits, etc. with hangers.
● Supports poles within a maximum of 3.2 cm

[Load capacity (approximately)]
8 kg

* Do not hang items with a load capacity of 8 kg or more. It may cause damage to this product or Kamoi.

* Please note that depending on the height (thickness) and material of the lintel (door frame), it may not be possible to hang even if the weight is less than the load capacity.

[Usage range of this product]
Width of lintel (door frame): 6 to 19 cm
Height (thickness): 2 to 5.5 cm

Body: Polypropylene
Spring: Steel steel

[Handling precautions]
●Do not use in other places as it is intended to be attached to door frames, sliding doors, shoji screens, etc.
●When opening and closing the hook, be sure to place your finger on the recessed part and do so correctly.
●Do not hang anything other than laundry or clothing. Depending on the installation location, such as the lintel (door frame), it may be damaged or may not be usable.
●Do not hang from this product attached to the lintel (door frame).
●Do not place a heat source such as a stove under this product. Also, do not hang it on fragile objects.
●If exposed to UV rays for a long time, the UV rays will cause fading, deterioration, and damage.
●If placed near a fire, heat source, bathroom dryer, etc., it may soften and deform.

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