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Product Code 250895810700
Color Blue
Size Width 7.3 x Depth 7.3 x Height 16cm
Materials Stainless steel
Weight 170g
Warranty -
Assembly Type Assembled
Assembly Time -
Delivery Type DropOffDelivery
Package Size Width 9.3 x Depth 9.3 x Height 18cm
Package Weight 0.3kg

●Vacuum insulation to maintain temperature
● Keeps freshly poured temperature for a long time
● Because the ice does not melt easily, the taste does not become diluted
● Condensation does not easily
Inner bottle/Body: Stainless steel

[Other specifications]
Dishwasher: Not usable
Microwave: Not usable
Freezer: Not usable
Boiling: Not possible

Chlorine bleach, thinner, benzine, metal
Do not use scrubbers, polishing powder, etc.
●Do not soak and wash.
●Insufficient cleaning and drying may cause water droplets to remain, rust, and stains on objects.
●The edge of the drinking mouth is thin. Please be careful when cleaning.

[Handling Precautions]
●Do not use for purposes other than keeping beverages warm or cold.
●Do not place the product in a place that becomes hot, such as near fire.
●Limit the amount of beverages to about 1 cm below the mouth of the drink.
●Do not apply a hot kettle, etc. to the mouthpiece of the main unit.
● Do not use the product near precision instruments such as personal computers, mobile phones, cameras, etc., or valuables.
●Do not leave the product for a long time with a drink inside.
● Please drink tea as soon as possible.

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