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Low Repulsion Pillow Cool Touch n-s

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Product Code 250755067700
Size 36 x 57 x 8 CM
Weight 1 KG
Warranty -
Assembly Type ASSEMBLED
Assembly Time -
Package Size 15 x 15 x 37cm
Package Weight 1.2 KG

Point 1
Double cool effect keeps you cool and long lasting
The moment you touch it, the cool cold contact "strong" cooling sensation cover and the urethane foam soaked with the cooling sensation material keep you cool.
Memory foam urethane fits around the neck and head. It is easy to maintain an ideal sleeping posture whether you sleep on your back or sideways.

Point 2
Cold feeling urethane foam that lasts for a long time
Urethane foam soaked with a cooling sensation keeps you cool. It has a vent and is hard to get stuffy , so it is perfect for hot summer.

Point 3
With deodorant and antibacterial processing, you can rest assured even in the hot summer
The cover outer fabric has deodorant processing (* ammonia, acetic acid, isovaleric acid, nonenal), antibacterial processing, room drying odor suppression, and antibacterial deodorant processing.
The cover is washable, so you can use it hygienically even in the hot summer.

[Nitori's cool contact feeling (N Cool Super)]
Cover: Outer fabric

● Cool feeling urethane and cover Double cool
● Urethane foam soaked with cold sensation material keeps cold
● Deodorant processing (Cover: Outer fabric ) ) * Ammonia, acetic acid, isovaleric acid, nonenal
● Antibacterial processing (cover: outer fabric)
●Suppression of room drying odor (cover: outer fabric)
● Antibacterial deodorant processing (cover: outer fabric)
● Washable in a washing machine (cover ) )
● Recommended for those who lie on their backs

■ Pillow height: Normal
■ Pillow hardness: Normal

■ Composition
・ Cover
Outer fabric: 60% polyethylene, 40% polyester
Back fabric: 100% polyester
・ Body
Side fabric: 100% polyester
Filling: Urethane foam

■ Cover: Washing machine OK (using net)

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